Confusing shadows head for the Earth
As my spirit witness its birth
Mortal thoughts and hollow space
Feed the end, deprive life´s face

Vague is the reason of straying
A lot of nuisance breeds in life
Unconscious of the deepened ignorance
Of the edge so sharp as a knife

Relieving, I´m dying
Defenseless, against my weakness

Cogitating on what life´s fate means
Is a bleeding flesh just what my dark shell seems?
So desolate the embrace of dawn´s edge seems
As sharpwitted ravens steal my dreams

Sheathe the surface with this cold face
Will simulation influence these lonely days?
Reveal my soul´s fallen pride soon
From side to side I´m walking by the moon

Revealing, I´m bleeding,
My conscious, is achieving

A ruthless cry echoes
in the desolation
A weep for my destiny
longtime lost is the elation

Eternity is lost, I´m walking in confusion
My eyes are paralyzed with this death illusion
A scream for the shades of my birth
that left the ground, of the Earth

You,  you are the angel of death
and you, don´t know my spiritual depth

Where, where  is my destiny?
I,  feel an empty labour for apathy

I, will sacrifice my obstinacy
To die, when every angel dress in black
...in black

Relieving, I’m dying
Defenseless, against our weakness

Album: The Desolate Years (2014)
Lyrics: Patrick Shadowland

© 2014 Desoluna/1996 Desolate