Harmony laid down for me
Recently before my feet
But now the coldness so stiff
Prevails over our veins

As the flowers wither
And darkness captures the Earth
The birds fly far away
With a horribly crushing glance

Like an enchantment
Like a paralyzing agony
It´s like a silent shroud
that´s wrapped around us

This silent echo
In a mortal sky
Is the last breath of heaven
That our whispers deny

The cause of winter breeze
Makes suffering so obsessive
A solitary season perishes
Sun turns into clouds
Faces so cold and hardy

Oddly withering away
Far beyond a crystal dawn
we lay...

A clandestine spite
Lurked beneath the face
Of a once harmonous landscape
Now disguised...

The memory of ever flowing tears.
The remembrance of a brighter shade´s beginning.
Never will these faces appear again.
In this moment of a vanished time - a broken harmony...

Album: The Desolate Years (2014)
Lyrics: Patrick Shadowland

© 2013 Desoluna/1999 Desolate